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Geared Rollover Skips Column Skips
Geared Rollover Skips Ideal skip for pouring walls and general applications.

Geared gate for controlled discharge.

Capacities from 500 litres to 2000 litres.
Column Skips Fitted with 200mm dia, 3 mtr long discharge hose. Designed for pouring concrete into columns or narrow shuttering. Patented integral gate ensures continuity of concrete flow.

Capacities for 500 litres to 2000 litres.
Geared Coneflow Skips Dual Flow Skips
Geared Coneflow Skips General purpose skip with curved discharge chute and geared gate for controlled pour.

Capacities from 500 litres to 1500 litres.
Dual Flow Skips A bottom discharge skip but with the addition of optional side chute.

Capacities from 500 litres to 1000 litres.
Circular Tipping Muck Skips Self Discharging Boat Skips
Circular Tipping Muck Skips Used for site rubbish and spoil removal. Emptying is by disengaging the bale arm locking fingers, allowing the skip to tip.

Capacities from 80 litres to 2000 litres.
Self Discharging Boat Skips The skip is designed to be used by the crane operator without the need for an assistant. Offers improved safety and productivity over traditional circular tipping muck skips.
Capacities from 500 litres to 2000 litres.
Brick Forks Block Grabs
Brick Forks Designed to lift brick packs or pallets. Offered with two types of head both of which are designed to keep the forks horizontal when loaded or unloaded.

Self levelling with spring type eye or the bow and eye manual type.

SWL 1500kg and 2000kg.
Block Grabs Mechanical scissor grab for lifting brick/block packs.

Operating range from 400mm to 1100mm.

SWL 1800kgs
Man Riding Cages Stretcher Cage
Man Riding Cages 1,2 and 3 persons all fitted with lifting slings. Stretcher Cage Specially designed to ensure safe evacuation of injured person on a stretcher along with one attendant.

SWL 265kg/2 Persons.
Builders Skip Lifting Cradle Gas Bottle Carriers
Builders Skip Lifting Cradle Used for lifting builders skips upto 8 cu yd capacity by means of 2 beams under the skip base with additional safety clips to the 4 lugs.

SWL 11.2 tonnes.
Gas Bottle Carriers A safe method of storing and transporting 4 standard size 250mm diameter bottles or 2 47kg Propane and 2 standard 250mm bottles.

Fitted with lifting eye for crane and pockets for use with forklift truck.